About the Creators

Break Through

Beloved Divine is a Blog for musing with and celebrating the Divine Presence within.  (and it’s reflection in the outer world!)  Enjoy photos and poetry, prose and lyrics that honor the Divine in Nature,  the creative spark in Music, writing and crafting.  I am opening my world to include all of my creative identities.

Singer, writer, jewelry designer, painter,  budding photographer.  It is time to live my truth as an artist, inspired by the beauty of Life.

Also included in these pages are the photographic images of my partner Mike, who is a lover of Nature and an adventurous wilderness guide.   Our partnership has become a wonderful collaboration of Divine Love and creativity.  Thanking the Universe for a beautiful life!

All photo images copyright Michael McKibbon and Jeanie Anthony 2008-11.  All rights reserved.

GoodNight Moon


2 Responses to “About the Creators”

  1. Monique Wilson Says:

    thank you Jeanie~
    I met you, and heard you sing, in a workshop taught by Betsy. I bought both of your CD’s and listen to your voice often. I sing the Songs….
    I have been sitting restless with the titles and limited descriptions of what I do. Your honest willingness to express a newer understanding of your role in the lives of the people you touch helped to open a new pathway of perception for me. You have, and will most likely continue, to help me. I am grateful for your generosity. And, I can soooo identify with it as well! 🙂 I thrive and flourish when helping others open to…..????!!!!!! 🙂
    Thank you Fellow Traveller~
    All Our Relations~

  2. Jeanie Anthony Says:

    Thank you Monique! I love listening to my heart. It never steers me wrong. Keep singing and listening deep!
    Best regards to you, and all our relations.


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