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…Letting Divine Love Flow: Artists in Motion

May 10, 2012

I’ve been painting seriously for a little over a year now.  And when I say seriously, I mean I have been giving it my attention, my intention, and feeling my creative energy expand with every brush stroke, every breath, and pulse of my being.  I am exploring the truth of my Soul’s voice in alignment with the Universal Soul.

I belong to a tribe of women painters living all around the world.  We share our successes and our challenges, we paint together, support one another in our creative dreams and collaborate on projects, teaching classes, and works of intuitive art together.

I am grateful for the opportunity to grow in my painting community, to share my gifts with my sisters in paint, to bloom as an artist and creative soul.

My friend Hali Karla of Lilywheel Slide and I exchanged intentional intuitive paintings for one another.

I began her painting in my favorite way, easel on the grass, trees all around and my favorite mountain watching over. Shoe box full of paint tubes, old honey jar full of water from our wild and sacred well, hummingbirds dancing, sun streaming through the newly unfurled plum and maple leaves. And I could breathe, deeply the scents of sounds of Spring.
Another ritual I prepare is entering the stillness, feeling every cell in my body pulse with the vibration of Deep Divine. I am full of the Creator’s Presence and I paint for my sister, holding her stated intention in my being, along with the larger intention that she receive the Love that the Universe holds for us all. And in this state of creative trust an image is born that carries the Love forever.

And this is my favorite part. All I need to do is listen, and trust, and paint from my soul to hers.


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