From Food to Fantastic

Creative Source is my Beloved Divine.

Since I began to embrace myself as an artist, my whole way of being in the world has changed.  Every frame of my eye sees a scene of artistry.  Color, form, composition.  Every living breathing being is telling the story of it’s magnificent experience on Earth.

When I moved to the mountains 4 years ago, the call to slow down and listen deeply to the Earth’s rhythms became a significant experience in the shaping of my life.  The amplified awareness that came when I hushed my racing thoughts and aligned with the magic of the Seasons gave me the opportunity to realize deeply in my body that I truly am a part of  “All That Is.”   I am an essential thread in the tapestry of amazing  Universal beauty that we are all creating together.

And in this union  I discovered that my voice matters.  My perspective is worth sharing.  My story is my Masterpiece.  This unique expression of my creative spirit is the reason I have come to the Planet.   The deeper I venture into my relationship with the Source of Creation, the more I want to explore and express.

Everyday images have beauty and magic.  Even with my camera that chooses my focus for me. (LOL)

Hence the food.  The bright colors and textures.  And the taste.


14 Responses to “From Food to Fantastic”

  1. MaryKate Meyer Says:


    What a beautiful blog *smile*. Thank you for sharing! Such lovely words and energy! I’ve been a bit too busy with life lately to take some time to write. ❤ thank you for being inspired and for being inspiring! *smile*

  2. Lynna G Says:

    I really enjoyed this post. My eyes are always wide open to the world in these kinds of ways. I love how you express it here and yes your voice matters. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. Jill Marie Says:

    How wonderful! When can I come visit??? Sounds just magical where you are…physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually 🙂

  4. colleen Says:

    I love the way you melt into and embrace life… are one cool lady.xx

  5. Jenn Says:

    Beautiful post!! Makes me want to take a big deep breath and soak all the beauty in!! xoxo

  6. lilywheelslide Says:

    “I am an essential thread in the tapestry of amazing Universal beauty that we are all creating together…. oh, yes yes yes. Shine on, sweet light. Now, to help others *know*, in their cells, this very truth of the living divine. Thank you for your beautiful words here, Jeanie. A wisdom i can be reminded of over and over and over again, as it just fills my spirit and makes every day amazing. ♥

  7. Lynne Says:

    I stumbled across your website and found your beautiful art.So inspiring thank you…..

  8. Cynthia Says:

    “Since I began to embrace myself as an artist, my whole way of being in the world has changed. Every frame of my eye sees a scene of artistry.”

    I have found this to be SO true!

    I notice the colors of the sky.
    The forms of the trees … especially in winter with no leaves! So beautiful.
    the composition of a row of houses

    While watching movies, I am very conscious of the composition. Stardust is probably one of the most consistently perfect … each frame is so well chosen. I notice patterns everywhere.

    It’s like waking up everyday!

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