Unfolding Ancient Divine

I have strong heart strings to my home in the Mountains. 

There is Magic and Ancient Wisdom in every being, unfolding, telling the stories of the Wise and Wild Earth. 

I am honored to be a keeper of this Magic. 












Living the Dream, Steward of the Land, Keeper of the Mysteries.  Unfolding with Ancient Divine.


8 Responses to “Unfolding Ancient Divine”

  1. MaryKate Says:

    ohhh Jeanie these photos make my heart sing… *smile* absolutely lovely! I’m always feel so centered when you share your photos!

  2. Michelle Says:

    BEAUTIFUL photos! So divine!

  3. judytherainbow Says:

    The fern shots are amazing! The self-portrait made me smile. 🙂

  4. Kelly Says:

    Amazing photographs! The lighting is gorgeous!

  5. vivienne Says:

    SO loving these images…the close up curves of the ferns have me seriously swooning!

  6. Lisa Dieken Says:

    Jeanie, I do believe we are more than Tribe sisters… What a beautiful post, with beautiful photos… LOVE! ♥

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