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Into the Labyrinth

June 15, 2011

I’ve spent quite a bit of my time in self reflection these days.  And from it has come much treasure.  I know myself better as a woman, as an artist, as a professional mentor and guide.  I have the opportunity to question my assumptions about life, about the way I make my living, the way I express my joys, sorrows, discomforts and creative ideas.  It has been exciting to tell the stories to my self about “Who I am in the World?”  To discover where the meaning lies for me in this portion of my Life journey.

I have stopped pushing myself and started inviting myself.  I am exploring in writing, in storytelling with photos,  coloring the pages of journals and larger canvases that encourage my more expanded view of the “story of me”.

When I focus on how it feels to lay paint on paper, brush to vellum, my heart flows.  When I focus on the beauty I feel when the trees say “show the world  what I behold” in the camera’s eye, I explode. 

The self portrait experience has me stepping up to my life as I am in each moment, gently laying down the judgments or fears and letting me be who I truly am. Right now.

 I have connected with my self and my own Divinity in a way that has blown the cover off of   “I can’t,”  “I’m not,” and “not good enough.”  My practice as a mentor and guide has more fully become about successfully recognizing and gathering personal power, standing in the world as your truest expression of self and knowing the power in that stance.  Living the power of that stance.  The alchemy is real  and the Labyrinth awaits!

(Enjoying playing with watercolor pencils in my art journal)

(Sketching faces and playing)

(journeying the Labyrinth again and again)

(Twice here so you can see better the size  36″ x 50″.)

Truly enjoying this dance of creative heart expansion, opening to the limitless Universe of opportunity.



Unfolding Ancient Divine

June 1, 2011

I have strong heart strings to my home in the Mountains. 

There is Magic and Ancient Wisdom in every being, unfolding, telling the stories of the Wise and Wild Earth. 

I am honored to be a keeper of this Magic. 












Living the Dream, Steward of the Land, Keeper of the Mysteries.  Unfolding with Ancient Divine.

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