Painting BIG is Living BIG

For the past 6 weeks I have been on a FEARLESS Painting Adventure with Connie Hozvicka of DirtyFootPrints Studio.  She calls it BIG…and for good reason.

When you dive into the flow of your creative heart — BIG things happen.  They did for me.

I began to trust myself more as an artist.  I let myself pick a up a brush and paint.  By allowing myself to dance with the flow of all that  is within me, what emerged was my voice in color and shape, along with my trust in the process of intuitive art making.

Painting BIG is living BIG.

I am loosening up and allowing more of my true self to shine through.  And….painting is fun!  Juicy colors and flowing brush strokes bring out the playful being in me.  And this playful being is showing me how to live more in Joy.

My word for now is Authenticity.  And the sweetness it brings to my life is beyond words.

Here are a few explorations in my painting journey.  More to come.  I’m just getting started.

Painting without the mind interfering and telling you that you don’t know how to paint has been a liberating experience for me. 

My heart knows plenty about beauty making.  And I’m just gonna keep on painting and photo making  and writing and singing and loving, NO MATTER WHAT!


4 Responses to “Painting BIG is Living BIG”

  1. Marykate Says:

    Ohhh J!! Those are just glorious and full of your spirit!!! I think they are incredible! What fun :)!!

  2. judytherainbow Says:

    I LOVE them all! Makes me want to try it 🙂

  3. jenn H Says:

    I love all of your BIG paintings and your blog!!! Lots of juicy creativeness here! Looking forward to getting to know you my FEARLESS sister!!

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