Woodland flowers


3 Responses to “Woodland flowers”

  1. MaryKate Says:

    beautiful! I kinda want to go on a hunt for woodland mushrooms! Wanna join me? ❤ I'm sure we could find some… they just look sooooo tasty 🙂 wonderful pics… they make me feel all springy! 😀

  2. Susan Reep Says:

    I think all the photos are excellent, but the first one is fantastic! I want to go outside right this minute and photograph flowers – but it’s dark and night, so I’ll just listen to the frogs croak in the pond. Found you on CED – so nice to have a way to connect with people.

    • Jeanie Anthony Says:

      Hi Susan! Thanks for your comments. Happy to hear that my intention comes through with my expressions. I love to inspire people to do what they love!
      CED is a blessing, is it not? I have been able to connect with other artists in a way that feels supportive and also inspires me. Thanks for visiting!

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