Appreciation, yeah.

It was icy and windy on my way home to the mountains last weekend.  On my favorite road from town into the hills I pulled over to photograph these ducks that were floating in the half frozen pond (that was actually a flooded field).

I thought, “How cool.  These cute little ducks.”

frozen duck pond

And on the other side of the intersection I came upon another congregation of birds…….flaunting their wings on the thermals.  In 30 plus mph winds these gorgeous avians, immature and bald were playing hopscotch.

This time a small tear came.  And I thought, “How cool.  they are dancing in this icy wind.  And I get to see it.”  There were a dozen of them.  And they live in my neighborhood.

Beauty, everywhere I look.  The dance of life, such an amazing journey.  Appreciation, yeah.


One Response to “Appreciation, yeah.”

  1. Kim Says:

    This is amazing. I feel permanently changed when I come across a sight like this. Nice to know you appreciate the beauty around see. See you over at Connie’s!

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