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A Raven Sings

March 17, 2011

While I was out walking this morning I paused to let the beauty of Northwest artist, Tony Angell wash over me.  He has amazing sculptures everywhere around our region…..and even one at the Mount Baker Ski Lodge.

This one in particular makes me happy.



These days I’m just as excited to be tumbling around in the city as I am in the woods.  Everywhere I look there is so much beauty.  And my heart is full.  I am stretching the confines of my being to include a more vast perspective on living.  And it is bringing wonder to every moment.

Thanks Universe for this beautiful unfolding.  I am richer for being You.


A return to crafting

March 7, 2011

I made a pair of earrings over the weekend for my friend Katie.  They really looked great.  I kept complimenting her as she wore them on Friday evening.  She said, “you’re not gonna take ’em back, are ya?”

I liked them so much I went home and made myself another pair just like them.  Small differences in the stone colors, as pietersite has so much natural variety in the swirling and mixing of the minerals.

Tigers eye, Pietersite, with 14K gold filled wire (aka rolled gold), and a silver colored metal diamond.

It’s been a long time since I’ve danced with the gems and metals.

And it’s giving me chance to hone my photo skills using the macro settings and lighting.

I like how the reflection in the diamond of me taking the photo has the same colors as the Pietersite stones.

The second pair I made has different stone colors.  But is basically a replica of the 1st pair.

I like how the lighting changes the look of the subject.

If you click on this photo you can see the amazing color play within the stone.  And I notice how they are based in the primary colors:  red, blue and yellow.  Pietersite is a rare occurence of the tiger eye stone.  It is found primarily in South Africa.  It is mostly quartz and asbestos with iron.

Fun!  And this gives me the opportunity to talk mineral speak as I used to enjoy when I had a small stone, crystal and jewelry business already a decade ago……wow.  Time flies.

Appreciation, yeah.

March 3, 2011

It was icy and windy on my way home to the mountains last weekend.  On my favorite road from town into the hills I pulled over to photograph these ducks that were floating in the half frozen pond (that was actually a flooded field).

I thought, “How cool.  These cute little ducks.”

frozen duck pond

And on the other side of the intersection I came upon another congregation of birds…….flaunting their wings on the thermals.  In 30 plus mph winds these gorgeous avians, immature and bald were playing hopscotch.

This time a small tear came.  And I thought, “How cool.  they are dancing in this icy wind.  And I get to see it.”  There were a dozen of them.  And they live in my neighborhood.

Beauty, everywhere I look.  The dance of life, such an amazing journey.  Appreciation, yeah.

Nature Gives Her All

March 3, 2011

For those of you who don’t know, I live in the mountains and I also live in the city.  (Lucky me!)  Here are some city shots.

I’m loving getting to know the parks and beaches in my  new neighborhood.  The landscapes are simply Divine.  We are truly blessed in the Pacific NW.  Mountains, trees, water ways, and stunning animals.  I wouldn’t trade this for year round sunny weather any day…..I’m a water Soul.

Pampas grass at sunset

cloud scape

Bluff Maples

Waves of Golden Grass

Cedar and Maple Tree


walking the spit

Waves of Pampas Grass

Thank You Mama!  For this Beautiful Life and Stunning corner of our world to live in.  That’s for my mama, and for the Earth Mama too.

Oh yeah, did I mention that it rains here……almost all the time?

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