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Jeanie, will you sing the “Crayon Song?”

February 16, 2011


For those of you who knew me in my days at the Evergreen State College, you may remember a song I wrote titled “Periwinkle, Lemon Yellow, and Violet Blue.”    Or affectionately aka “Jeanie, will you sing the Crayon Song?”

While my creative drive is enjoying a renaissance, projects from the Deep are rising to the surface like a Mermaid to share their delicious mystery again with the world.

My friends called me Mermaid and Dolphin as Singers from the Deep Wells of Mystery — drawing the listener into a deeper part of themselves, into a heart that had been forgotten,  awakening the sleeping, dreaming child within.

That’s what this song is like.  A memory lane dive into the Oceans and Islands of our child’s imagination and memory.

Our Singer’s story is a remembrance of cherished times with Sister during childhood:  The games they used to play and the stories they told with picture, word and song.  It is a celebration of the beauty, the freedom and the creative imagination we all possess.

Over the years I’ve had ideas about what I wanted to do with this song.  The most significant being, creating a Children’s Book companion for the images that are evoked by the song’s story, and a Cd of the music to accompany.  Since this song was never recorded when I was in the studio, I’m thinking its now time to breathe the life back into this dream of my most requested song.

I’m looking for a handful of Musicians to help flesh out this tune with Bass, Percussion, perhaps a Horn or two.  And who knows…..

I’m feeling its time for the whole story to sing itself, to color itself on the pages, and surface this Mermaid singing from the deep.

So stay with me as the story unfolds, with illustration and news about the recording, and best of all, the Singing!

p.s.  sorry there is no audio available at this time.  I’ll keep you posted!


Tidal memory

February 11, 2011

ancient tide

I am drawn to the beach from the bluff.  I see the pilings eaten down to tiny stumps that once supported a thriving mining path.  The descending Sun quickens my step and thrills the beat of my heart.  I explore this new beach with the full breaths of salt sea air, barnacles beneath my shoes, gentle lapping foam.

As I dream, these ancient tidal waters carry me into a deep and reverent song.  I hear you ancestors.  The chorus of the Living Earth.

Eat your Veggies!

February 10, 2011

Lately, everything looks good to me!  I can find a beauty needle in a haystack.  While grocery shopping the other day, I paused a moment with my breath and noticed the colors and patterns and shapes in the Produce section.  Cliche’ or no, out came my camera phone.  Must snap shots.  LOL.

The Dance is amazing.  I was doing the beauty in ordinary moments thing.  Talk about being in the present moment.  Sure to make you feel alive.


cara cara oranges










asparagus forest










Being in touch with the Living Earth has brought me such Joy.   You can learn a lot from the Spirits in Nature.  The Keys to Health and Happiness are closer than one might think.


Madrona Blue

February 10, 2011

I have a thing for Madrona Trees.  And the color blue.  Color arouses passion in me.  And Trees feed the sweetness.  The Longing of my Soul is comforted in this Heaven on Earth.

I stand at the edge.  A power point between the worlds of Earth, Air and Water…..the Sparks of this doorway provide the Fire and I am the Spirit, One with Her Beauty


Shifting Light Sings the Blues

Every Pulse wrings Blue through the Tree Roots in my Soul


Madrona Trees

Cobalt inspiration

February 1, 2011

I am loving color right now.  Rich, deep, vibrant, soul singing colors!

I recently designed this choker and earrings set for my friend Vicki Savage, who owns The North Fork brewery in Deming, WA.

Maybe she’ll even wear them when she performs another wedding at the Beer Shrine.  It is also a Wedding Chapel, after all.

It is good to be making jewelry again.  I love the feel of the wire bending and the cool feel of the glass and stones and ceramics.

choker of cobalt glass and ceramic beads

pendant close up

cobalt earrings


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