Surrender to the True Self

Light Moving Shadow

Wow!  Life is exciting.  The more I open myself up to the flow of life, amazing experiences and opportunities show up on my doorstep and remind me that crafting a life is a beautiful and rewarding gift.
So you could say I am grateful.  And being full of that gratitude is bringing more and more inspiration and flow.

I have decided, well actually surrendered, that my truest identity is that of an artist.  All roads lead to my artistic expressions as my true sense of inner peace.  And fullness of feeling Love.
I can’t explain it.  When I try to write about it…….sometimes the words don’t come.
But when I sing, paint, draw, cook, dance, snap photos……I begin to glow.
Lately I am being, more than doing.  And it fits the bill.
Being in Nature, moving my body, letting my love for life flow….all of these acts of beauty create more beauty.  And I feel like I can do anything.  Inspired.
Just lounging in that feeling that I can have, be or do anything I want is creating a re-evolution in me.   Creating a solid base from which to fly.
2011 is the year of flight for me.  Soaring.  Navigating with the inner compass.
What shall I create next?

I am joining one of those online everyday creative challenges.
And I will post here of my dreams, the births and deaths and lives in between.
I desire to cover many media.  Look for:

  • songs
  • photos
  • jewelry
  • paintings
  • recipes
  • slide shows
  • videos
  • poems
  • essays
  • collages
  • dreams
  • shamanic journeys
  • inventions
  • ceremonies

Looking forward to sharing.  And being.  Peace


2 Responses to “Surrender to the True Self”

  1. MaryKate Says:

    I have felt like I am more in the flow myself. I stumble sometimes… get caught in the details and forget the beauty. Thank you dear one for reminding me with this post that life is for living, not getting trapped in the distractions.


    • Jeanie Anthony Says:

      Hi! Stepping into the flow these days has been the only direction I can see! What a relief. It is where I want to stay. I admire those who live by the seasons, the moon, the sun and the weather. One thing my partner has taught me, to have an even greater connection to the physical earth….by observing and following the lead of Mother Earth’s Wisdom. Reminds me of a line from my own song, Listen to the Earth……”She’s tellin’ you, all you ever need to know.”

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