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So, I can help with this….

October 1, 2010

September Maple

My new business coach asked me the other day, “what do I do?”

And as I knew I no longer saw myself as a metaphysical healing practitioner with a great new technique, I lay in bed last night and experienced the Grace of another defining moment.

I help people open wider and deepen their relationship to Source.  I help you use this increased awareness to get  back into the driver’s seat of your life.  You too can create from a place of consciousness, true awareness, using the flow of life streaming,  instead of struggling or moving against it.  You gather your own personal power by realigning with the flow of Universal power or Source.

You create your life from the vantage point of a raised vibration by making the commitment to yourself – bringing yourself completely into the present moment.

This is accomplished without working on yourself, but by allowing Grace to carry you, guide you – becoming completely guided from within.  And this in turn creates a deeper, more vibrantly visible and powerfully creative presence that you bring forward into the world.

I help people move more fully into the awareness that they truly create their own reality – and how to create a vibrational habit that will bring you the Love, Peace, Health, and Prosperity that we all want.

Emotions don’t need to be “healed”, they just need to be flowed.  Without the complication of the analytical mind, giving us reasons and spouting “proof” about why we “shouldn’t go there” or an explanation of why or how things happened to us…..”what does it mean?”  The mind can keep us endlessly distracted from being in this moment.  Emotions are not logical.  But they are the keys to showing us where we are vibrating (high, low or in between) in all the areas of our lives.

Let the power of Grace move you beyond the endless trap of trying to figure out how to fix yourself and other people.  “I’ll be happy when ______________.”  Fill in the blank.

So I can help with this.

Listen to yourself with awareness.  Be present in your body.  Experience the mystery of your vibrant loving self. Live and create from this place every day.

This Grace I speak of can heal the physical body.  So, yes, I am a healer.  I coach, I counsel, I mentor, I teach.  I help you move energy, claim a higher vibration and learn how to keep it there.

I said to a client yesterday, “All you really give anyone is the gift of your own vibration.”

Let go of the notion that you need to “be fixed” or that your job as a helper is to “fix other people”.   We are all okay.  In fact, better than OK.  We are magnificent.  We are brilliant stars in the fabric of life.  Know this in your bones.  Live and feel.

The most important thing you can do to help yourself and others is to keep your own vibration high.  You can do this by flowing and feeling – living life, being in the moment, and being real.


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