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Forge it!

May 8, 2010

Beloved Divine is about creating and letting Life Force flow!  All energy is Divine energy — some just feels better!
I promise one consistency.
Life is rich.  It is full of truths and lies.  We decide where to be.
I will live an honest life.  That means being in my moment, with accuracy, with feeling and honor.  I will do my best to be responsible with my words.  This means speak from my heart, stand up for myself, and stand in my power, acknowledging that I have vibrated my entire life experience into creation, and I will continue to create and experience life with Beauty and my Beloved as my guides.
And I will define beauty at the degree where life and art intersect.  If it stimulates you to feeling, it is art.  There is beauty in the flow of tears, the moving fires of anger, the emptiness of neutrality, the uplifting sweetness in joy.
Beauty, Life, Art, Create, Divine.

I wrote a letter to a friend yesterday.  I told her my biggest boost of Grace lately came from reclaiming my identity as an artist.  I am not a worker bee, churning out heartless and mindless drivel for a paycheck.
We are the most powerful when we sit at the the locus of our dreams.  Knowing it is our connection to self, and “large self” that is our gateway to true power, (read efficacy, harmony, ability to create).  Look inside of yourself.  Your power is here.

You have created the entire dream.  Reach inside.  The gold is waiting for your discovery.  Forge it into adornment for the world to see.


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