Who is Beloved Divine?

Mountain Divine

So who is this Beloved Divine Presence?

People call it many things and experience the presence in many ways.  Artists call it Muse, their doorway into creativity.  The shamans have helping spirits and see the life spirit in all things.  Nature.
There is God.  The One.  The Great Mystery.
Inspiration — to inspire, inspirited.
The flow of Divine Inspiration.
I just opened my mouth and out it came.
The book wrote itself…..
The songs that sang themselves into being.
The paint that flowed from palette to brush to canvas…

And from where does this presence come?

The experience is oh, so personal, and Universal at once.
Is God/Goddess/All that is, outside of us?   Well, yes.  We see it all around.  The magic, the mystery and power of Nature….Its magnificent beauty, leaving humans in awe to expand our consciousness as we feel ourselves mirrored in the creations of the Earth.
And inside of us?  Yes.  Within us the power flows.  We bring forth this force of beauty in all of our creations.  It is mirrored on the outside.  From emotion and thought to physical reality.  We are a microcosm of the Universe.  Each being contains the ingredients for the recipe of creation.

So what do we do with it?
How do we access this Godforce?

One question to ask yourself is,  “What do I love?”  “What do I allow to flow through me?”  Unimpeded.  No obstacle.  “What expression is natural for me?”

Writing, singing, dancing, public speaking, teaching, sculpting, gardening, cooking, computer languaging, filmmaking, storytelling, loving, playing, showing compassion for self and others…..

There are infinite expressions of the Divine through us.

I love to be in Nature.  The elements speak to me.  They write songs through me.  The trees tell stories through me.  The mountains give their strength to me.  I breathe it in and breathe it out.  It is a part of me.  I have allowed myself to experience being one with the power of the creative Universe.
I feel the love of creation deep into my bones.  I snuggle into it like a blanket and pillow.  I feel the cradling power of Divine Love.  I give my limited perception of self over to the magnificence of Divine Love and I feel the expansion into unlimited beingness that is available to all of us.

With a flip of a thought or intention, turn on the light.
Beloved Divine is my go to being.
The Divine Presence guides me.  And shares it’s love through me.

What beauty shall I create today?
Where is the conversation with Divine leading me today?


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