If you can feel it, you can flow it!

Baker's Glow

I have made a commitment to feel everything.  Most people don’t think about it, or bring it into a conscious awareness in daily life.  It’s easier when it feels good.  It’s confusing when we think about it, instead of feeling it.

“I shouldn’t feel that way…I’m a better person than that!”

We deliberately push aside feelings we do not want to feel.
We judge feelings. We make ourselves right or wrong, make others right or wrong, because of feelings.
All the while we ignore the message those feelings are trying to bring us.

“I hurt”, or “I feel furious!” has valuable information with it. “I feel fabulous!” has valuable information with it.

The kind of lives a lot of us lead are at a quick neck pace, full of activity and engagement.  Our minds are running top speed.  And when we stop or slow down, it is because something else stops us!  We are forced to quit running by outside circumstances, by a health challenge or family situation.  Most of the time we don’t even notice that we are not feeling, until we are clobbered by something else that says STOP!

Stop and breathe.  Stop and feel.  Check.  Are you in your body?  A lot of us are not living “embodied” lives.  We are talking heads that do not feel.  Or when someone asks us what we are feeling we say, ” I think….”
Sometimes people have access to only a couple of feelings.  You know the guy at work who is perpetually angry or the person who tells the same story of loss or apathy whenever you cross paths at the coffee shop.  We  have devised strategies without conscious awareness to be numb and keep ourselves safe from pain…but is that truly the result we achieve?

Slow down a moment.  Take a deep breath.  Scan your body with your awareness.  What are you feeling right now?

Feelings often show up as sensations in the body — especially tension that we have not felt when it was a circulating , moving emotion.  Feelings ignored do not really go away…they convert to stressors when they are contained.  Remember the nature of energy is movement.

So what would happen if you let yourself be present to every emotion you had?  And let yourself feel it in the moment?

Self awareness happens.  Elevation and expansion of consciousness happens.  Joy happens!  You know how people say, “I feel so much lighter now that I got that off my chest!”
Feelings really do flow, if you let them.  And the relief available is amazing.

So I’ve made this commitment to myself.  That I will flow everything that comes my way.  For the sake of being in the present.  Living in this moment, the point of choice and power.  I feel lighter and brighter.

The more I feel, the more I’m able to feel.  My capacity to experience more bliss and joy and “high vibrational” feelings is expanding.  And I have more experience with the lower vibrational, dense, and unpleasant feeling ones.  So I do not fear them, or try to shove them down because I know they are trying to show me where I need flow in my life.  And on the other side of these “less desirable” feelings like fear and anger and sadness… is bliss.  They really do move if you give them honor.

Don’t judge yourself.  Life is feelings.  All of them.

And when we flow them we are in the flow of life.  How powerful is that?  Access to all the creative power of the Universe.  Within us.


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