Shift Happens

Carbon River Giant

The shift was happening even before I happened upon Divine Openings.  My life was doing flip flops.  I was alternating between hopeful and depressed.  The Power of Nature in my backyard kept me feeling full and peppy one day, and the next feeling isolated by the snowstorms and flooding, mudslides and trees falling… the high tensions from the Winter had me scrambling to find relief.  I could feel my shamanic spiritual practice shifting around me, and I could not see it….  I was having one of those “what should I be doing with my life?” seasons.

I had recently changed my world in a big way on the outside, and my insides were begging to catch up, to sync up.  I had wandered into the void.  I wanted change.  But my dreams had no faces, locations or names.  I had longing.  I kept saying to my friends, “I feel homeless, I’m going somewhere, but I don’t know where.”  The only thing I knew was that I did have a net, I could feel the Mystery holding me, nudging me to unfold a little more, let go a little more — open to a new life — to dream and realize what has always been available ….just step through the door.

I said yes to a life of new adventure.  I packed up my life and moved to the mountains.

It was March and it was still snowing.  It was the proverbial dark and stormy night.  I was alone with my fears, and my long ago stuffed away feelings of unworthiness, anger and sorrow.
But I had dialup!
So I surfed.  Into a new dimension.  Keywords: Divine, Medium, Grace, Readings.  (I was searching for a new public venue to offer my services as a medium and a healer.)

I fell into a website that promised me I had already arrived.  I could stop searching and start living.  All in partnership with my own Divine Presence.  I could feel a vibration coming from the artwork on the site, it said to me,  “Welcome Home.”  “Read this book as you unfold into your own enlightenment,”  the pretty blond lady smiled. My heart knew she was right.  She had a message for me.  And as it turns out, so much more.
I have opened myself to a wild and brilliant dream.  I have been re-united with the deep wisdom of a Presence so magnificent, and energy so loving and immense…truly this is what Universes are made of.

Divine Openings is a blessing of Grace.  It has helped me to heal my physical body of old stresses I thought I would carry the rest of my life.  It has helped me let go of limitations I have placed on myself and more that I did not know I carried.  Beliefs and patterns that reside as vibrational stories within our energy fields…dissolving, disappearing.  Stories of myself that made me feel small and impotent, legacies of pain and dysfunction, fell from the trees of my life story and blew away on the winds of Grace.

And all I had to do was step out of the way and let Divine Love flow.  Divine Love flows with or without me.  My real job is to open to the flow.  Release my resistance, be one with the flow of Life.  The shift continues to happen, and more.  I am receiving the greatest gift.  Resonance with the One.


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