While I’m here…

Forgotten Leaves

I always wanted to do something important with my life.  Feel it deep down important.  The kind where you’d really know it if you’d done it.
I remember when I was in College, we had a seminar class where we sat together and talked about our life experiences, what it was like to be a woman in the North American culture (this was mid 1990’s).  We journaled a lot, talked a lot, played a lot.  I got to know these 20 women pretty well.  One day, one of the gals was sharing and she said, “Jeanie, you really inspire me.  Your songs, your writing, your views on life.  You are strong.  You inspire me to be myself.  Thank you.”

Her view of me caught me off guard.  And it woke me up to something pretty basic.  All I had done was be myself.  I shared from the heart, from the truth of who I really was.  What a gift she had given me with her appreciation.  I thought, “Well, heck! I’ll just keep that up!  If I can be an inspiration to someone else, just by being me…how great is that?”

Now I’m not really talking about being an “important person.”  We all are.  Already that.  We come to this place to unfold a life, make friends, love, create, dream, and love some more.  Everybody wants that….don’t they?  To love and be loved, I mean.  That’s important.

I guess deep down I always knew that “important” meant fulfilling, heart opening experiences that made you know you were touching God.  When you could really know in your gut that you weren’t alone in life, that just being present for someone, holding out your hand or holding the door open as they gathered their muster to step through….that was worth something.

If my “just being me” could shine a light for another being to see into themselves, to know the love of finding their calling in life, or just to bring joy….that seems important.

A friend told me once that I was a natural mirror.  I had the ability to show people who they are inside.  I could see into people and reflect to them their true selves.  I thought, “Whoa, that seems like an awesome responsibility!”  But then I realized I kinda liked that idea.  It felt worthwhile.

I decided to turn that on myself.  Could I see my true self?  Do I know deep down who is in this body, this psyche, better yet…this heart?  Do I know that I came here to unfold a life?  To love, create, dream, to feel?

I feel called to assist people in seeing their own Divinity.  To appreciate Life.  To open to the biggest Love they can feel.  To help people remember the shining light of who they are.
Waking up every day grateful to be alive…to share another laugh, hug, dream with a friend.
To reach inside and feel the force of creation waiting to be breathed through us as a song, a story, a painting, a child, a family, a life lived with passion….

A life lived with passion.   Hmmn.  That sounds worthwhile.  Passionate, creative, True Self.  Worthwhile, worth my while, while I’m here.


One Response to “While I’m here…”

  1. Judy Says:

    It’s no wonder my life has changed so much while you’ve been in it.

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