Dreaming In a New Paradigm

From Mountain to SeaMy friends and colleagues have been asking me, “Why are you not doing your shaman stuff anymore?”  “What about all that shamanic healing training you’ve had?”

A short version answer to these questions and the one with the most substance is this:

Love is what heals us.  Not techniques.

Even with a shamanic healing, it matters less which healing spirits came forward, which techniques they employed or what color the “light” was… what seems to matter the most is how much could the client let in?  Could they drop the trauma story vibration and let the Love of Spirit enfold them?  Could they maintain this “new” vibration in their daily lives?
In a room full of healers, when queried, most practitioners see, feel, hear, experience a different version of what occurred during the healing.  And the constant in these accounts is that Love was present.  The Great Mystery itself performed the healing:  Choose your form…Angels, Power Animals, the Christ, Isis, Ascended Masters, the Elementals.  The possibilities are endless….we all have our best loved Allies.  And they all contain the Power of Source beneath their beautiful shapeshifting cloaks.

I have chosen to “drop the form” of shamanic healing and experience directly Grace without form.  Being one with the Divine — being the Divine.  My heart is overflowing with what I call “Beloved Divine.”  It is my mainline to Source, a doorway to the Great Mystery.  It is the act of grounding Heaven upon the Earth.
Living as your Divine Self.   Sandra Ingerman calls it “transfiguration.”  Lola Jones calls it “jumping the matrix.”
It is Power.   Access to and ownership of your own power is paramount in leading an effective, productive, creative, positive existence.
My life as a healer has taught me the value of honor, integrity and an essential relationship with self and with the Divine Presence.

In my current practice as a healer and spiritual helper, I am relying on 3 things.

  • I channel through my physical body the Light of Divine Presence.  It comes through my hands, my voice and my heart.  This light is Pure Divine Essence.  It can raise your vibration in a heart beat.  It can heal physical dis-ease.  It can open you up to amazing creativity and possibility — all you need to do is step out of the way, hand it over, surrender it to Spirit, let go…whatever is your favorite phrase.  Let Life unfold before you, Divine timing is beautiful.

  • I am an advocate of “dropping one’s personal story”, (trauma story in particular) and re-writing our own scripts to support and reflect the power we each hold to create a dream-filled reality.  Choose the vibration you wish to emanate.  Do your friends think of you as a Negative Nora?  Or do they want to hang out with you because you inspire them and it just plain “feels good” to be in your presence?  Vibration is carried in all things, words, thoughts, deeds…and our emotional body (presence), whether we are aware of it or not.  Changing your story, soothes the mind.  It stops the chatter that keeps us spinning sticky
    webs and snares in the path.  When your mind stops dictating a low vibration (worry, fear, anxiety, pessimism) your ability to transcend obstacles flowers.  And consequently the law of attraction then brings you more higher vibrational experiences, (Love, Joy, Peace, Laughter).

  • Emotions are best enjoyed when flowing!  By the Nature of Physics, kinetic energy — motion, is what “powers” us.  Feelings and emotions are the moving force behind creation.  Ever tried to get something done while you were tired (low energy)?  Not easy, Often not pretty!  When you were feeling down?  That low power state creates low powered results.  How about when you felt inspired?  Or happy?  When you were really “flowing?”  When we act from a place of high vibration or feeling “full of energy” the results we create are not only productive and often brilliant, we also inspire others to be in a harmonious and flowing state.
    The challenge we encounter with emotions in life is that some feelings we don’t like.  Quite frankly, they don’t “feel good.”  So we avoid them or suppress them.  This is where problems begin.  We’ve all heard about how holding in our anger, sadness or fear creates disease.  The good news is, we can choose to flow these emotions too.  And if you are flowing, they are not slowing down your vibration and creating a state of “low energy.”   Letting yourself feel is a powerful state of being.  It keeps your energy flowing.  If you are angry, thankfully there are more than two options.  (Stuffing it, or taking out on someone near!)  Another option is to feel your feeling without blame or judgement, express your feeling to the Divine Presence within you that holds a larger perspective.  The experience of feeling without a story will naturally raise the vibration of what you are feeling to a higher more compassionate expression.

In fact, the more we let go and let the Divine Presence help us flow and create, we open our hearts to Divine possibility, vibrate more light into the world and truly understand the principle of “like attracts like.”

When we live as our Divine Selves we open to more Grace that flows in abundance to all of the Beings on this planet and beyond.

I have a friend who loves to say, “It’s not what we do that changes the world, it is who we are.”

Gather your Power, Create in Beauty, and Let Yourself Shine!

Baker's Breath


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